Last night, I did a radio show with John Lorimer on the topic of Linux. It was delight, since it’s a call-in show, and we had four calls, some about Linux and some otherwise. We talked about the virus thing and spam and spyware and how vendor lock‐in works.

Of course, during a live radio show, things happen. Like my server went down, a massive internet failure at the same time keeps me from logging in from the school where the radio studio is. Mail started bouncing for no reason when it came in to my backup server. A hard drive filled up. And I had made a pasteo in the config file in the PBX at the Chipeta just before leaving, so they had no outgoing phones in the rooms.

Today, I had 18 messages on walking into the office. I answered them all, and promptly went out on a two hour virus call. The virus scanner wouldn’t update thanks to another network outage. I couldn’t get the Mozilla suite either, until the end. I think the world is conspiring against me today.

That said, I have a delicious lentil soup in my bowl, good simple tea in my cup, and good music in my ears.