Whetherwoman said it well, and since Ananda made it a bandwagon, I shall jump on and go for the ride. Besides, I’m late, and the ride ends at midnight. And then everything goes back to normal.

I’m queer. Feminine people are my favorite, but I’ve made exception. I’m transsexual. I’m queer in a not very threatening way, but I really enjoy making people think. I’m ¾ lesbian, and ¼ whatever it is that makes a transsexual girl with a boyish body like boys. My deepest relationships have always been with girls, since I feel like we think the same ways and have similar habits.

Friendships are far more important to me than sex.

I feel no obligation to love just one person.

I don’t stop loving someone once I’ve started. The nature of the love may change, but it never goes away.

If that’s not “out”, I don’t know what is.

I’m posting this publically and not just to my wide list of friends, because it’s not something to be ashamed of, however hard coming out can be for so many people. I dedicate this post to every brave person who has made a stand for who they are.