And so it’s been more than two weeks on spiro now, and I feel really good. It’s done really nice things to my skin, and my blood pressure and blood sugar have evened out. My emotional highs are a bit higher, and my lows not so low, or at least I’m taking them for what they are now, almost enjoying them for the variety rather than wallowing. I don’t know how much of it is psychosomatic and how much is placebic, but this feels really right.

Regarding the name thing. Sam still sticks in my mind. Anne as a middle name is so attractive, but it’s Carrie’s too, and that’s a little funny. I could be completely normal and adopt Elizabeth, but my sister got that one.

Is it that I am starting to react with less than my usual grace to “yessir” and my given name in print? I wince every time it happens, and I wonder if it’s visible outside my head yet. Something’s gotta give. That’s either a good thing or a really bad thing.

The only thing that truly worries me is that my voice won’t do what I need of it.