Today was day one of installing phones at the Chipeta. We’re replacing their maxed-out and very proprietary Panasonic phone system with an open-source SIP-and-Asterisk PBX. It looks like we’re going to have a relatively easy time of it, since someone ran 50-pair cable instead of the needed 24-pair, so there’s extra lines into the old room, and the phone lines run to both the current PBX system and the closet where the new one will live, meaning it’s just a simple re-punch, no dragging cables all over an ill-conceived but very artistic building, and no need to make anything new pretty.

We got the fax working, the bookkeeping phone working, and with a little more work, we can get the business office up and going. Then we start on the meat of the project, and put the DSL modems in all the rooms, and switch them over.

Work like this is fun!