A profile.

I’m a hacker. My day job is running a small but forward ISP in rural Colorado. My passions, computer-wise are toying with interfaces, making fun technologies play nice and find the more useful permutations of their combinations, and thinking about new communication systems.

My pet projects, mostly unfinished, are a mailing list manager, a rhythmbox-alike music player, and a jabber-IRC hybrid server with MUD-like abilities, as well as various ruby modules. I also spend a lot of time reasearching distance cluster filesystems, one of the more interesting problems in large-scale high-availability cluster computing.

My programming language of choice is Ruby, with a style inspired by much reading about LISP, Arc, Scheme, SmallTalk and Objective C and a functional style started with trying to make PHP not crash when it had memory management issues.

My company specializes in making internet service simple, and encouraging our customers to become good citizens, both on the net and off. We provide dial-up service, and are expanding into DSL. We host a service to build-your-own-website, and are open to custom hosting projects of an interesting nature.