Nine more.

  1. I die, struck by lightning while pulling weeds in the garden during a rainstorm.

  2. I run off and live, solitary in some place truly rural, coming out only each saturday for coffee at the local diner.

  3. Success (and technical support) make me cynical; I hate the world, and slowly become an evil business person.

  4. I finally experiment with a few drugs, decide I like them and live in a fantasty world only I can see, and I eat mostly junk food.

  5. I fall down the stairs; paralysed, I spend my time studying physics and higher math. I make bets with Stephen Hawking, but he writes the proofs even for the ones he loses.

  6. I move to a small farm just outside of Portland. I spend most of my time trying to fit more food in a small space, and the remainder fighting slugs.

  7. I give up on rural living entirely, but I can’t find good chilis, so I spend time growing peppers in pots on my rooftop. I spend lots of time floating from hotspot to hotspot, and being cynical and hip.

  8. I decide to hike the Appalachian trail. I like it so much, I hike the Pacific Crest trail. That goes well, I decide to make a life of it, and make a life of raising money by walking places.

  9. I start a political career, and eventually become a state legislator, after suitable time in law school. I become disenchanted with the system, and begin anew, thirty years later.