I spent a good portion of the day in Ouray today. I skipped the parade, instead opting for Coffee as usual on Sunday, then to the farmer’s market. I bought a pound of cherries and a pound of apricots. Neither made it past noon.

The waterfights were great. There’s something to be said for the brutal, gladiator-style two-teams-in-a-ring, nobody-leaves-until-it’s-over action. The crowd was eight deep on all four sides of the interesection. One team managed at least six change-offs, only to lose to the absolutely solid stance of the others. I’d love to try my hand at the 1½ inch hose with someone. Ruth talks about trying to get an inter-departmental waterfight challenge going. I think that’s a great idea.

Tonight, the fireworks were fantastic. They managed not to start any major fires, and the boom of the fireworks echoed like the most fantastic thunder down the valley. I think we were right in the sweet spot this time, too. The echoes seemed tuned for us.

In other news, Carrie comes home Tuesday morning. I can’t wait.