Checking in.

I shaved my legs this morning, and my chest. I feel more like a girl than I have in a while. It’s a small relief. I looked in the mirror and my posture changed a bit. I feel phyiscally better than I have in some weeks. It’s small stuff, but it makes a difference.

I don’t talk about this much. It’s partly my parents — they make comments about squeekingknute and they’re not that positive. They don’t knock summerkid much, thankfully. That would make me even more upset.

I peeked at Venus Envy this afternoon. I nearly cried right there. It wasn’t any one cartoon, either. It pokes at my psyche in funny ways that aren’t always comfy.

Carrie called, wigging out and wanting to come home early. She gets homesick so easily. I started dumping, too and it wasn’t so hot. We ended up hanging up for a while, she thought for a bit, I slept. My late nights this past week caught up to me. We talked again. My cell battery died. That was a blessing, because the ‘net phone had better quality at that point. We hashed and talked for a long time. I haven’t had that long a conversation in ages. We get wrapped up in our lives, and don’t talk much. I internalize everything and tend to hide anyway. It’s not good. I feel all clogged up.

I feel more sane now. It’s getting on toward 11:30, and I think I’ll go take a walk and get my cell charger. It’s hot in here and I’m drinking tea.