how to survive the apocalypse^W^Wa general quarantine

We joke that it’s an apocalypse but it is one. Apocalypse means revelation, and how our world works is being revealed starkly in its inequity and opportunism. This means we’re in a time of change, a time of understanding, and a time of danger. We will have to keep our heads together to make it through this well and healthy. It means getting in touch with our basic human parts and helping each other out, even if that mostly means staying apart.

Read a book. Read several.

Watch a philosophically optimistic television show then watch another one even if you have to use a watching guide to see the best parts.

Learn from the people in your life who’ve grown up on the internet and know a thing or three about connecting with others in ways that don’t involve physical contact often or at all. People get a rush of oxytocin out of skin contact with people they care about, but they also get it just connecting with others. Use those real connections to get your dose.

Put on pants. No, really. Every day. Get up on time, too.

Cook. Cook things that normally require a bit of time, attention, or both.. Learn to make a meal you can produce a bunch of variations on. Eat leftovers. Really.

Multitask less, not more.

Video chat with your friends and family.. Heck, meet some silly strangers and chat with animated selfies. Start a dance party in your house and share it with a stranger.

Offer to help your neighbors. If you have to go to the store, offer to shop for them too.

Join an online community. Remember that every name on that screen is also a real person, also probably missing high quality connection with others. Now is the time to let yourself be your best you and find other people who appreciate who you are. The weirder the parts of yourself you reveal, the more you’re likely to find the people like you. It’s okay to connect over your interests or values or philosophy.

Go outside. Get some sunshine. Take a walk. Take lots of walks.

Make art. Make something. Show off the things you make, especially with people who do similar things.

Remember that news is mostly poison and even when it’s medicine it’s best in small quantities. Ask yourself what you’re getting out of it.

And wash your hands. Seriously.