Blog Migration

I just moved my blog over from a Wordpress installation to Hexo in a fit of frustration after five friends blogs were broken into and used to spam via a hole, apparently, in Wordpress’ Jetpack. The danger of leaving complex software unpatched for more than a day is becoming impossible, and I don’t use most of the features of Wordpress anyway, given that I’ve increasingly had an allergy to comments and most other more dynamic features, and I author in Markdown anyway. Being able to do this tidily in vim makes me happier than editing in a web browser anyway.

I chose Hexo because it had a working migrator to import a dump from Wordpress; no other reason, really, but its design works well enough (even if it is slow to generate the static files given my nearly 1500 posts). URLs were preserved with little hackery, too, so I didn’t break the web in the process.

I still want something better: I’d be happy without pagination to avoid rebuilding a 1500-entry latest-first archive every time I add a post; style files don’t seem to get updated properly (that is probably a more trivial bug that I could fix), and something that’s more directly in tune with the dependencies between the source files and the generated pages would be delightful. Maybe I need to make something with Broccoli or even just make(1) or tup.