I just finished eating french toast made out of Carrie’s Christmas Bread, which is a cross of Challah and Pannetone. Made into french toast, it’s one of the most delightful flavours in the universe: slightly above the bread plain, and slightly below how it tastes when it comes out of the oven the first time.


Last night: Pizza, wine, good company and egg-nog ice cream. Eating outside with a ton of candles, because it’s that warm. Slept with the window open.

This morning: Cold pizza, dirty dishes, a sunrise straight out of Michaelangelo’s painting.


Compare and contrast.

Today was calm. The phone rang often, but not excessively. I did not eat much lunch, but I am still acceptably sane.

Yesterday was nonstop phones, people having problems, and the internet connection went down too many times to count.

I think I prefer the former.


Okay, I’m better.


Arrrgh. I’m grumpy.


We woke up to six-am colored grey skies even though it was eight and the sound of raindrops. That’s unusual for November.


Eclipses are so cool. I got five exposures so far, and I’ll go back out in a moment when it’s out of totality and see if I can get some more.


Jack Rowe, one of my customers, just called. He said everything was working fine.


I had the most horrendous day at work. I leave the office phone forwarded to my cell while I’m away, since I don’t have an answering machine yet[1]. It started ringing at 8:30. I worked until 9:50 at home, then the net connection went down. I went to a customer’s house, was there thirty minutes, then headed to work and answered phonecalls until time for choir. I ate lunch with Carrie, but answered phones the whole time.

The mail system was broken due to a whole series of snafus, but maybe, maybe, I can get real work done tomorrow so it won’t happen again.

[1] Stupid voice modem is a hybrid of standard V.253 and not-quite-standard IS-101. I hate hardware manufactuers.


It’s raining out — the kind of rain that happens in the Pacific Northwest. It’s cold, slow, humid air and slow moving. I lit candles instead of turning on the lights. I’m thinking of Waldron again. November always makes me do that.


Stupid company policy. Won’t fix it until 9:30.


CISP and QWest weren’t allowing mail to get to my servers from my customers. I wish they would have told us that the servers are allowed by address, so when we make changes we have to tell them.


I’m tired. Not that that’s a bad thing — I did have to go to Ouray at eight this morning to install a server, and be at Independence at seven to get it ready, but it went smoothly so I can’t really complain.


I’m sitting at work. Ruth, I imagine, is out on a fire call, assuming she heard the page over the band. She and Carrie were going to the Halloween party at the Sherbino. I guess they got in, because they’ve not come and found me yet.


I rather like drivel, the LJ client.