A letter

I’m finally working on not self-medicating for my transition, and I’m trying to get the help of a pair of local doctors.

To: Abigail Seaver, N.D. and Patricia Ammon, M.D.

From: Aria (Rick) Stewart

I’ve an unusual request, which you may or may not feel comfortable addressing.

I've been transitioning male to female, as you have probably noticed. At the moment, I'm doing so unsupervised by any medical professionals, and I am at a point where I would like to not be self-medicating, and to monitor things more closely. Though there are few people in Colorado with endocrinology experience that directly applies to transsexual treatment, I am looking for advice from someone local so I am not relying on my own research and resources to treat myself. (The nearest more-or-less specialist I've been able to locate is in Colorado Springs)

Would you be willing to oversee a hormone replacement regimen for me?