New Mexican whiptail lizards, 15 species of which reproduce asexually by parthenogenesis. They’re polyploid, too. (Polyploidy in humans is weiird.) Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) is hexaploid, and non-sterile, while the diploid hybrid is sterile. Polypoloidy is implicated in some models of speciation. Also, the Triangle of U, the triangular relation between members of the genus Brassica is interesting.

Congressman Tim Ryan meets the TSA in his experiment with trying to live on a foodstamp allowance diet. Welcome to the world my friends often live in, Tim. Thanks for making some awareness!

Pimlico, a simple PIM platform. GTK+ and Evo, woot!

The Hula project has been forked and called Bongo. Maybe I can get it to actually run. That’d be nice.

Gnome Launch Box, a clone of quicksilver. Also damn fast.