Hot Springs

Today was free entrance to the local hot springs pool. My sister came by and said “Do you want to go?” I did.

An actual quote from the men’s locker room (hey, I’d rather surprise than intimidate): “So. How far along are you?”

I like this town. I like the people. A lot. I’m recognized — and accepted — as trans. No uncertainty, no wondering if people know. They get it. And it works out damn well. People aren’t stupid. Most of the time. And even when they don’t understand, they at least relate as close as they can.

“Hey, I’m glad you can just be

“A lot easier than not being, that’s for sure”, I say.

“Yeah. For sure.” I put on my pants, towel covering my midsection still.

That said, swimming naked, during the daylight, in a crowded hot springs pool is a strange experience. My upper body is decidedly female-shaped. My lower body, not so much. I’m also not the type to just get in and stay in, since I get overheated and have to switch to the cold water every 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure how I feel about being so exposed.