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<dt>headhunter </dt>

<dd>“it looks hackish. thy code shall have no constants other than 0 or 1\. ”</dd>


<dd>“0, 1, e, the population of earth, c, or h.”</dd>


<dd>“headhunter, I think that's a silly rule, why is the biggest possible integer value better than the actual number you need?”</dd>


<dd>“Aria: what about epsilon_0 and mu_0? and G!”</dd>


<dd>“h pwns G any day.”</dd>


<dd> “Aria: surely you can't derive G from h”</dd>


<dd>“I wish I could. But then, I'd be hanging out in #nobel, rather than in #ruby-lang if that were the case.”</dd>


For polyergic, libpoet, an implementation of “Active Objects”, where each object gets its own thread.

cdcarter explains well some tricks for marshalling Ruby objects.

Pay people to reduce your junk mail. Good idea.