Girls don’t exist on the interweb. I run into this. Double whammy when you’re trans.

[14:45:18] evn says “an article saying coffee is bad”

[14:45:18] evn says “dammit”

[14:48:42] Aria says “Does an article make it bad?”

[14:49:38] evn says “yes”

[14:49:39] evn says “yes it does”

[14:49:48] evn says “ontologically it must be so”

[14:49:52] chris2 says “we should propose the pragprog to publish a *book* how coffee is good”

[14:50:32] evn says “reality is determined by the physical mass of bound matter suggesting a hypothesis?”

[14:51:15] chris2 says “yes!”

[14:51:24] chris2 says “thats why law books are so thick”

A stained glass PC case.

The Willhelm Scream.

Making Thai Curry Paste.

Mental Help. Psychological Self-Tools. Neat book.